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Hire an Expert Installer

Hire the right person the 1st time

Make sure you hire the right company the first time. Having to hire a second company to redo and fix a bad installation can add unnecessary costs and heartbreak. Especially when you've had them do several or all of you windows on your house.

Inexperienced Installer?

Not all door and window installers perform equally. They vary in experience, skills, abilities, and some are just super careless.

  • Check references, reviews, and ask how long have they been installing doors and windows.
  • Are they experienced in the install of a specific type of door or window that you want?
  • Is your house older and has settled? This would make replacement installations more of a challenge as result of the door and window openings not being leveled. Is the installer skilled at installing and setting it correctly for this situation?
  • If you will need new interior/exterior trim, can they handle that and do it well?

How hard can replacing your doors and windows be? Right? Some have found out the hard way and have had to call us to reinstall and or repair the first installer's work.

Make sure to educate yourself on your options and ask questions!

Have a Stucco Home?

Is there stucco around the existing door or window? Ask the "to be installer" how will they remove the door/window without cracking and breaking chunks of stucco. Can they remove the existing door/window with minimum to no damage to the stucco? Or will it be necessary to have a stucco repair person come after the door/window replacements? Unfortunately not all installers are experienced or cautious as we are with stucco.

EXAMPLE 1) BAD Window Installation and Exterior Stucco Damaged

Here is an example where an installer did not know how to cut an existing window from the exterior stucco wall and set the window in properly.

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